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Canadian/U.S. Border Updates

We recommend that Canadian Cyclists do not register for the event until they have confirmation that the border has opened. We are monitoring the situation closely. If the border opens for non-essential travel before August 2nd, we will post here immediately. We encourage you to subscribe to updates on this website to get the latest information.

Photo Courtesy of Jan Snow

US-Canada border closure extended at least to July 21

June 16, 2020

The coronavirus-caused shutdown of the U.S.-Canada border, set to expire on Sunday, has been extended at least until July 21, “I can now confirm that Canada and the U.S. have agreed to extend current border measures by 30 days until July 21,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told his daily news briefing on pandemic response.”This is a measure that will protect people on both sides of the border as we continue to fight COVID-19.” The border closure prevents non-essential crossings, but allows certain people to cross, including Americans coming back to the U.S. and Canadians returning to Canada, the wire service reported. It also does not restrict essential trade,

More details HERE

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