FAQs for Ride the Hurricane

  • Phase 2 — We’ve made several modifications to the safety plan of the ride to allow us to proceed while still in phase two. We are counting on you, the participants, to follow all the guidelines and to prevent any gathering or crowding with people who are not in your household or group. Please do not linger at the aid station tables. Grab your snack or water and move away from the tables to enjoy it. Maintain 6 feet when waiting for toilets. We aren’t able to have an after ceremony, barbecue, or other celebration after the ride, so please do not gather at the finish line area. Believe us, this is just as disappointing for us as it is for you. Ascent times will not be available until later in the day, when they are posted on this website.
  • Where to go — If you’re unfamiliar with Downtown Port Angeles, click on this interactive 360 degree PORT ANGELES map. It will show you the Visitors Center where you can go for advance check in, right next door to city pier where the official route begins. You can swivel the map around and see Hurricane Ridge, your ultimate destination. If you’re beginning your ride at Heart of the Hills and you haven’t preregistered, you’ll need to grab your registration packet at the City Pier and drive up to your starting point.
  • Advance Check In — We’ve been getting a lot of questions about advance check in, so here’s how it works, 1) Come by the Port Angeles Visitors Center Friday, July 31st or Saturday, August 1st, between 9-4 pm to pick up your registration packet. 2) On the morning of the ride you can ignore your check in time, put on your wristband, hop on your bike, and start riding up to Hurricane Ridge. No need to check with anyone. Start anytime and anywhere you’d like along the route. Most cyclists will start at either Port Angeles City Pier or the Heart of the Hills Ranger Station.
  • Ride Time — The road to Hurricane Ridge will be closed to motor vehicles until noon, but it will be extremely busy with vehicles when it opens, so please try to get down the hill by then. Check the route link for distances and elevation gain to estimate your time. The ride takes anywhere from 2-4 hours depending upon conditioning and starting point.
  • Parking — will be available at both main starting points: Heart of the Hills park entrance and Port Angeles City Pier. If you’re staying at the Red Lion hotel, the advance check in location and official start to the route are right next door. There is plenty of free parking downtown and it will be widely available on a Sunday morning.
  • Masks — We will not be requiring masks while you ride, but please keep a mask on your person so you can don it if you need to speak with a volunteer or another cyclist not in your group. The Maska included in your registration packet works great for this.
  • Photos — A professional photographer will be available at the summit to take a photo with an elevation sign, which will be available for purchase. There are examples in the gallery.

Please use the comment form below to ask any additional questions so that we can post the answers here. If you have a question about something, chances are someone else is wondering too.

Photo courtesy of Karen McDonald

11 thoughts on “FAQs for Ride the Hurricane

  1. Can you tell me what time the aid stations will open (and about where they are)? I am hoping to leave PA early (after checking in Sat) but I do not want to get to aid stations before they are open.


      1. The aid stations will close just before noon when the road is opened to motor vehicle traffic. We strongly encourage you to be off the road by noon, as when the gates open there will be a steady stream of cars going up.


    1. The first aid station is at the Heart of the Hills ranger station at the entrance to the park. The next one is at the tunnel overlook, and then the tunnels overlook, and then the switchbacks trailhead. There is one smaller aid station just before the last pull to the top where the drumming group is, but most cyclists do not stop there. Water and a few snacks will be available at the final aid station but it won’t be as fully stocked as the others. The aid stations will open at 7 am when the road closes to motor vehicles.


  2. There is an ambulance with two medics stationed at one of the aid stations along the route, and each of the aid stations has radio contact with the medic unit. There is also a park ranger stationed at the top and another who is along the route. The ambulance and both park rangers have vehicle access in case of emergency.


  3. One of the unique and special things about this event is that the road is completely closed to motor vehicles for the ride. As far as we know it is the only ride where a road in a National Park is closed to traffic during the high season so that cyclists can have it all to themselves. Because of this we cannot have any kind of support vehicle on the road. Participants carry their layers up the hill with them, and use as needed. Keep an eye on the weather that day so you’ll know what to bring with you. You’ll receive a Maska in your registration packet, which will be an excellent tool for keeping your neck warm when you head down the hill.


    1. That is a great question. If you are registered for the ride and wearing the wristband that comes in your registration packet, you do not have to pay for park entrance. In fact when the ride ends at noon, the park gives free admission for the remainder of the day to make up for being closed that morning. It becomes VERY busy with vehicles at noon, which is why we strongly recommend that all cyclists be down past the park entrance by then.


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