Advance pickup hours extended

Come by the Port Angeles Visitors center for advance pickup of your ride materials on Friday, 7/31 or Saturday, 8/1 between 9 am and 7 pm.

This will allow you to hop on your bike the day of the ride and head up the mountain with no need to wait around or check in. If you want to pick up for someone else just ask them shoot us an email giving permission.

2 thoughts on “Advance pickup hours extended

  1. The extended hours for pre-day of ride packet pickup is greatly appreciated. We do a 300+ mile drive to get here on Friday and having the flexibility to have the packet pickup box checked early allows me and the family more options to explore the PA area and not be limited to hitting the window on Saturday. Thanks much!!!


    1. Thank you so much for the positive feedback. As you can imagine it was a challenging year to produce an event of this scale, especially when things were so uncertain and an almost daily need to adapt our plans in order to move forward. The advance pickup option along with the timed check in windows is a positive thing that came out of planning this challenging year, and we anticipate doing it this way from now on. Your positive comment was much needed and appreciated!


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