Latest RTH Info

The Jersey design has been released and they’re ready to order! Click on the registration tab to check out the design for 2020 – a year none of us will probably ever forget.

If you haven’t signed your release of liability waiver, you MUST do it online prior to the ride. Visit the registration tab or the pinned blog post for a link to complete the waiver. Each individual has to have their own waiver completed, so if you signed up with someone else make sure you’ve all done one, and minors must be on an adult waiver.

We are not requiring masks during the ride, but anytime you’re off your bike and around others who aren’t in your group, please wear a mask. Help us demonstrate that we can have a safe and healthy event. We’re counting on you, the cyclists, to help make that happen. Use common sense etiquette. Don’t ride too close behind or beside someone who isn’t in your group. Grab your pre-packaged snacks from the aid station tables and spread out to enjoy the rest stop. Please do NOT crowd around the tables. If you’re waiting for a restroom, maintain 6 feet distance.

If you want your ascent timed officially and have it posted online, you must tell us in advance so we can enter your name into our timing system. There are no awards for the times, they’re just for bragging rights, and the list will be a simple list of names and times, not divided by age or gender. Also, if you choose to be timed please be patient and know that there’s a chance you’ll have a brief wait to depart the timing gate in order to allow proper distance. We’re trying it out this year to see if it makes a good addition to the ride, but remember, RTH is a ride, not a race, so enjoy yourself and go at your own pace. If you do want to be timed (on the ascent only) you need to let us know the by the day before the ride.

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