Jersey Orders and Feedback Request

We’ll be taking jersey orders until monday, 8/10/20

$60 total Includes Shipping

We hope that taking part in Ride the Hurricane has been a highlight of your summer, especially during this challenging year. Now that you’ve had this amazing experience, what better way to remember such an iconic ride than by owning a jersey to mark the occasion. Or if you don’t get one for yourself, think of what a wonderful and unexpected Christmas or birthday surprise it will make for someone who has achieved this remarkable accomplishment. We’re not making any profit from the jerseys. We are selling them at our cost, along with the price of shipping them to you. Expect them to arrive in 4-6 weeks.

Don’t forget to click on the links in the main menu to view your action and summit photos from the ride!

Photo courtesy or Mark Sinnott

Feedback request

We certainly don’t have to tell any of you that this was a challenging year with a steady stream of news about canceled events. We knew that to do this ride would have to be flexible and willing to adapt to nearly daily changes in the process. But we kept our heads down and moved forward with the planning. Regardless of all the things we had to let go along the way, we knew that as long as we could provide a fully supported ride up to Hurricane Ridge on a road that was closed to motor vehicles, we would achieve our goal. And thanks in no small part to all of you, we did it!

We’re not sending out a formal after ride survey this year, but we would love to have feedback that might help us get a jump start on planning for next year, which we hope will include an after-party at the pier with food, local beer, and live music. For those experienced RTH participants, what did you think of the true Sea to Summit ride with our new starting location? Was the advance check in during the two days leading up to the ride helpful? How was the increased variety of snacks at the aid stations? For our first-time riders, what did you think of the ride? Will you be back next year? RTH is always the first Sunday in August, so mark your calendars now! Next year we’ll be offering a fully supported Century ride (see route link for info). And for all of you, did you feel safe and comfortable with the extra precautions, and the social distancing measures put into place?

We would truly value any other feedback you may have, whether it’s praise or constructive criticism (keeping in mind, of course, that we were extremely limited in what we could do this year). It has been our pride and pleasure to share our slice of heaven on earth with you, and we look forward to doing it again next year, even bigger and better.

Please enter any feedback using the reply form below. We greatly appreciate it!

2 thoughts on “Jersey Orders and Feedback Request

  1. A well organized ride. This is my 3rd RTH and have enjoyed them all .It is always nice to see a all sorts of ages and riders. Looking forward to next year.


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