Lots of ride information coming soon!

We know you have questions! As the ride approaches we’ll be sharing updated route maps, information on how to participate in the leaderboard challenge, details about ride day, and lots more. With the uncertainty surrounding COVID we didn’t want to share information only to have to change it later. As we get closer we are confident that we’ll be able to share exactly what to expect, and to deliver on ride day. So stay tuned, and keep training!

8 thoughts on “Lots of ride information coming soon!

  1. Dan Henry course markings for the century ride would be nice. Most (all) century rides I’ve ridden have them, not all people have “ridewithgps” app. thanks


    1. Thank you for the input. If we have a Century next year we will definitely re-evaluate the course itself as well as our marking procedure, and ensuring our volunteers are letting participants know what to expect and what to look for.


    1. Hi Rod, if you ordered your jersey prior to June 22nd your jersey will be included in your ride packet. If you ordered your jersey after that we may need to send it to your at our cost, or you can pick it up if you’re local. We hope that those who are in Port Angeles on the Friday and Saturday before the ride will take advantage of early check in at the Port Angeles visitors center to get their ride packets early. Checking in early will allow you to skip the line on ride day and begin when you’d like. Otherwise, check in will begin at 6am at city pier on the day of the ride.


  2. Let me get this straight…you’re spamming my inbox to tell me that you are going to send information later?

    Please only send email that contains important information pertaining to the ride that I need to know PRIOR to the ride date.


    1. Hi Confused, we do not send the kind of unsolicited or irrelevant emails that are commonly referred to as spam, and we’ve been very careful not to make too many post in order to limit the number of emails our followers receive. However, we have been getting a lot of questions that we’ve only been able to answer with “maybes” because of the uncertainty with the pandemic. As the ride approaches and we’re more confident in being able to provide definitive answers, we wanted to let everyone know that we will be sharing these details as soon as we can prior to ride day. The kind of information that any given person considers to be important is entirely subjective, so it is impossible to determine what that might be for you. Our followers have opted into receiving notice whenever we post new info on the website, and are welcome to opt out. Each email has a link to unsubscribe at the bottom. All updated information about the ride will be shared on the website, so an alternative to the convenience of being notified by subscribing is to simply check the website periodically to look for anything new. I hope that is helpful,


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