ride the hurricane updates

check out the handy links below!

  • Jersey Deadline – Today (6/22) is the last day to purchase a jersey in order to have it by ride day. Jerseys purchased after that will be mailed with free shipping. You can purchase a jersey when you register, or buy one separately.
  • Don’t Wait! – Please DO NOT wait to register if you plan to do the ride. The National Park limits us to 800 cyclists, and we are 80% full.
  • Refund Policy – You can cancel your registration for a full refund up until two weeks before the ride. After that we’ll be too close to the ride to process refunds and manage the waitlist.
  • Waiver – Currently, less than HALF of those registered have completed the required waiver. You must do it BEFORE you check in for the ride. Each cyclist must have an individual waiver on file, and minors must be listed on an adult waiver. If you included someone else on your registration, please make sure that they do their waiver as well. Your waiver will be checked before you get your ride packet, so PLEASE don’t hold up the line by not having it done. Why not do it now? It just takes a couple of minutes!
  • Volunteer – If you can’t do the ride but you’d like to help out, our volunteer link is now live! Please let us know if you have any questions about volunteering.
  • More info coming soon – We’ll have maps of the aid station locations, parking information and maps, and all the other information you’ll need for ride day very soon!

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