important ride info

Important Ride Info

Sign your Waiver Nearly half of those registered have not signed the waiver. You must sign a waiver BEFORE you ride. When you arrive to check in please DO NOT get into line unless your waiver is complete. Otherwise you’ll need to step out of line so you don’t hold up all those who did. You can find the waiver link under the registration tab of the website.

Jerseys Can Still Be Purchased – You can purchase one when you register for the ride, or if you’d like to purchase one separately click the link below

Interactive Route Map On the route page of the website you’ll find a link to an interactive map on Ride With GPS with distances, elevation gain, grade climb, aid station locations, and more. Visit the Route page on the website.

Selling Out – We have a few slots left before we go to a waiting list. If you do end up on the waiting list, there’s a good chance you’ll make it if you sign up early, so don’t wait to register.

7 thoughts on “important ride info

  1. Hello RTH. I successfully completed the waiver form yesterday, 07/24, and was advised the ride was full but that I am on the wait list and there’s still a good chance I could get into the ride. Is there a realistic chance I’ll get into the ride and if so will I receive email notification? Thank you, Gary A. Trabolsi


  2. I sent you a request a week ago to cancel my reservation and jersey purchase as due to a medical circumstance I can no longer attend but have yet to receive a response. Please advise .

    Ross Van Patter



    1. Hello Ross, we are receiving dozens of inquiries and emails each day and we are getting to them as quickly as we can. The 4th of July holiday added additional delays in our ability to respond to changes to registrations and refund requests. We ask for your patience as we tackle the emails, comments, and phone messages in the order that they are received. The good news is that unlike most events, you can still receive a full refund even this close to the event. I am processing a batch of registrations this evening and will likely get to yours at that time. Again, thank you for your patience, and we’re very sorry that you can’t make the ride.


  3. Dear RTH organizers, Thank you for putting on such a great event. We have enjoyed riding it the last 2 years, including the century ride in 2021. We were registered for this year, however, due to a season-ending injury for one of the members of our ride party and some changing circumstances, we have decided it will not be logistically feasible to participate. If possible, we would like to be refunded as much as possible of our entry fee. Are you offering refunds at this point, or are we past the date for that? Thank you,

    Luke Bolt


    1. Hi Luke, I sent an email to all three of the addresses on file with your registration. Please check you spam folder. All three of you should have received the email. Thanks


    1. Hi Stacy, we would absolutely love to have your help volunteering for the ride! Please visit the volunteer page on the website, where you can view all the volunteer opportunities. Feel free to sign up for more than one slot, if you have the time and ability to help out. You’ll also receive a volunteer tee-shirt! Thanks for reaching out and we look forward to seeing you in August.


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