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We’re waiting on information from Olympic National Park as they finalize the details of their part in the ride, but we anticipate adding a Ride Day information page to the website this weekend. It will include parking info, check in times and locations, info for our Canadian guests, and everything else you’ll need to know for a successful ride. We also recommend that you check the website just before the ride in case of any last-minute changes or adjustments, which have become so common in these uncertain times.

REMEMBER TO DO YOUR WAIVER! This is a separate process from registration that must be done online before you can check in for the ride. The link to do that is here:

Release of Liability Waiver

8 thoughts on “Update

  1. Hello,

    Thank you so much for organizing the ride again this year!

    I rode it last year for the first time and I will be back this year.

    Last year it was not clear that I took the intended route through town to get to the park entrance so the mile points I wrote on blue tape on my top tube as to the rest station locations did not match up with where the stations actually were. I noticed that there were mile markers on the park road within the park. I was wondering if you knew where mile zero is on the park road relative to the starting line mile zero in your route description. Is it the start of segment 4 – that park entrance?

    Or… if you have the aid station locations from mile zero of the park that would save me doing the math.

    If you do not have the info please do not worry about it… I will do fine…

    Thanks Kevin


    1. Hi Kevin, he mileage for the aid stations is from the start at City Pier, which is where the ride starts. The mileage signs that the park has on the road start at the bottom of Hurricane Ridge Road where it splits from Mount Angeles. That is mile zero for Hurricane Ridge road, and what the park markers correspond to. I’ll add that info to the website, thanks for letting me know about the confusion.


    1. Ben is all waivered up, so you’re good to go. Please make sure that you both bring your confirmation ticket/QR code. You’ll each have one of your own, so be sure to bring them both. If you can check in early I would definitely recommend if you’ll be around Friday or Saturday.



  2. Hello Elaine We will be unable to participate in Ride the Hurricaine this Sunday Merrily MountGary Weldon Please cancel our complete order and reimburse my credit card Thank you Please advise me that you received this email Merrily Mount

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone


  3. Hi Eric,
    You and Ben are Waivered up and ready to ride! Thank you for taking care of that last step, as a good portion of our participants have not yet completed the waiver! We appreciate your careful reading of directions and follow-through to help the check-in line move quickly. See you this weekend!


  4. Wondering if I can double check with you that both my son Benjamin Suhler and I (Eric Suhler) have completed our waivers and are good to go Sunday AM? Looking forward to the ride! Eric Suhler

    Sent from my EyePhone



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