Registration coming soon!

We know you’re eager to get registered! We’re waiting on a final design from our jersey manufacturer so jerseys can be purchased during registration. As soon as we receive the design from Primal we’ll go live. Believe us, we’re just as anxious as you are. In the meantime here is some helpful information for planning your ride:

  • Make your room reservations! The entire area WILL sell out that weekend, so if you’re coming from out of town we recommend that you secure lodging as soon as possible.
  • Be sure to check the Washington State Department of Transportation website or social media platforms if you’re coming from out of town. WSDOT is planning several projects in the next few years that will significantly impact traffic patterns. Construction schedules are constantly changing so be sure you are aware of the current info and the best route to get here.
  • \Don’t wait to register once the ride has opened. We’ve had unprecedented interest in the ride this year. The permit we receive from Olympic National Park caps our registration at 800 cyclists, and we anticipate selling out earlier than ever. Last year we had over 200 people on the waiting list. Early registrants will also receive a lower cost. Our cancellation policy has changed, so be sure to read the details carefully when registering.
  • Start training! Last year we had cyclists on the National Park road well past noon, when it opened to motor vehicles. Participants MUST be back down through the gate by noon, so please be sure to match your departure time with your fitness and endurance level. Last year our first cyclists down the hill took slightly less than 2.5 hours to make it up and back. Other cyclists have taken as long as five hours. Ride officials will be onsite throughout the route to turn around any cyclists who haven’t reached the summit by 11:30am to be sure they make it down by noon. Cars are lined up at the gate when the road opens and conditions are not safe at that point.
  • Please be aware that Ride officials will be turning unregistered cyclists around at the park entrance. Last year we had multiple unregistered cyclists on the route, including Ebikes, which are prohibited on the ride. We must pay cost recovery fees to the National Park for the road closure along with the cost of the permit. We also pay for the portable toilets along the route, which were used by many unregistered cyclists last year. These costs are funded by registration fees so please do not attempt to join the ride if you’re not registered.
  • This year we will have an option to pay for an extra person for the After Party so that non-cycling companions can also enjoy tacos and beer on the pier!
  • Each year we try to make the ride a little better, and this year we have several improvements and adjustments that we think will make it better than ever. we hope you’ll agree!
  • Bib photo contest! Send us your pictures from previous rides. One of them will be chosen for this eyar’s bib design. Send your pictures for the bib design contest to

Photo by Daniel Reeves

15 thoughts on “Registration coming soon!

    1. Hi Kris, unfortunately Ebikes are not allowed again this year. You can visit our FAQ page for a more detailed explanation. The unique circumstance of this ride with the road being closed to motor vehicles except in an emergency, and winding, technical route, and relatively short time window for the road closure have proven to make it impossible to mix the two kinds of bikes and monitor Ebike classifications.


  1. Could you please tell me if low-powered e-bikes are allowed this year? My bike is 33 lb with a 240w motor. I won’t be passing people going up hills, it’s that weak!

    Last year was a last-minute surprise that cut my weekend a day short after the Tour de Lavender. I got to hear my friends all talk about the Hurricane. It would be nice to participate with my friends.

    Thank you for any info

    Kris Colburn Orting WA


  2. Why not allow e-bikes? I’m a life long biker and I did the ride two years ago and met another woman riding the same e-bike as me. At 64 I can’t ride the hills like I used to and an e-bike is a great way for me and other cyclists to participate. Not allowing e-bikes is ableist and elitist.


    1. Hi Ilona, we had several people over the age of 70 last year who completed the ride under their own power, and we have participants who are disabled and who use assistive equipment, so we are neither elitist or ableist. What we strive to be is safe, and the circumstances of this ride on a road that is closed to motor vehicles (except in an emergency) with a winding, technical route such as this, makes the mixing of Ebikes and human powered bikes unsafe. In the past this was not an issue because so few cyclists had Ebikes. The sudden explosion in the popularity of Ebikes brought exponential safety incidents, and complaints from cyclists who have been doing this ride for years. We know that it’s not a popular idea among Ebike cyclists, but an Ebike and a human-powered bike are two very different vehicles, and the experience of riding under one’s own power, compared to a pedal assist, is very different.


    1. Hi Eric, the emails are copies of website updates that are automatically sent to subscribers when we add new information to the site. You subscribed to updates for this website, so you get the notifications when we add new information. These posts are not intended to be informational emails, but rather notifications to let our subscribers know when there is new information about the ride on the website. I hope that makes sense. When you get an email from Ride the Hurricane it means you should check the website for new information. I hope that makes sense.


    2. Hi Matthew, the price of the ride would be the same even if we did not have the After Party. If you look at similar rides you’ll see that our entry fee is comparable, and most charge an additional fee for food after the ride. We made the decision not to spend money on trinkets and so-called “swag” , plastic water bottles or key chains or refrigerator magnets that would just get thrown away or end up in the junk drawer. Instead, we felt it would better serve our participants to invest money in the food. Not just the After Party, but also at the aid Stations where you’ll find fun and unique treats in addition to the usual fare. Thanks to the generosity of the businesses who partner with us to provide food and drink for the ride, we are are able to provide these things for much less than it would cost normally. Please know that you are not paying for something you don’t get if you choose not to come, but rather we are adding it to the experience for those who do, without increasing the entry fee to compensate.


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