Share your Ride the Hurricane 2020 Pics!

RTH 2020 was a spectacular day with perfect ride weather. We know you got some amazing pics! We’d love to share them and feature them on the website. If you took any great pics (or video) that you’re willing to share, please email them to events@portangeles.org. Of course we’ll give full photo credit! If you’d like to provide any background info on the pictures (subject info, first-time RTHer, age, location along the route, etc.) please send that along too.

Photo courtesy of Heidi Austin

Jerseys are shipping soon! A few still available for purchase.

Our designer has given us an estimated delivery date of 9/18 for the jersey order, so you can expect yours to arrive a few days after that. We’ll post here as soon as we ship them. We ordered a few extras and still have some left, so if you’re interested please email events@portangeles.org. Tell us which size you want (Women’s or Men’s, sizes range from XS-3XL) and we’ll let you know if we have any available. A link to the size chart is available on the Registration 2020 tab. If you’re unsure between sizes we recommend going with the bigger one. If you’ve already emailed to reserve one of the extras, no need to make another request. We’ll be in touch about payment when we ship them out.

We’re selling this year’s jerseys at our cost because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to remember this special ride during such a challenging year. Remember to mark your calendars for Sunday, August 1st, 2021! We’ve got big plans for next year, and it’ll be the best RTH ever!

Ride Info Available!

We’ve added a new page to the website titled Ride Day Information. Please take a look, and if you have any questions about the ride after viewing the new page please use the contact link on the website. It’s almost here!!!

Jersey Orders and Feedback Request

We’ll be taking jersey orders until monday, 8/10/20

$60 total Includes Shipping

We hope that taking part in Ride the Hurricane has been a highlight of your summer, especially during this challenging year. Now that you’ve had this amazing experience, what better way to remember such an iconic ride than by owning a jersey to mark the occasion. Or if you don’t get one for yourself, think of what a wonderful and unexpected Christmas or birthday surprise it will make for someone who has achieved this remarkable accomplishment. We’re not making any profit from the jerseys. We are selling them at our cost, along with the price of shipping them to you. Expect them to arrive in 4-6 weeks.

Don’t forget to click on the links in the main menu to view your action and summit photos from the ride!

Photo courtesy or Mark Sinnott

Feedback request

We certainly don’t have to tell any of you that this was a challenging year with a steady stream of news about canceled events. We knew that to do this ride would have to be flexible and willing to adapt to nearly daily changes in the process. But we kept our heads down and moved forward with the planning. Regardless of all the things we had to let go along the way, we knew that as long as we could provide a fully supported ride up to Hurricane Ridge on a road that was closed to motor vehicles, we would achieve our goal. And thanks in no small part to all of you, we did it!

We’re not sending out a formal after ride survey this year, but we would love to have feedback that might help us get a jump start on planning for next year, which we hope will include an after-party at the pier with food, local beer, and live music. For those experienced RTH participants, what did you think of the true Sea to Summit ride with our new starting location? Was the advance check in during the two days leading up to the ride helpful? How was the increased variety of snacks at the aid stations? For our first-time riders, what did you think of the ride? Will you be back next year? RTH is always the first Sunday in August, so mark your calendars now! Next year we’ll be offering a fully supported Century ride (see route link for info). And for all of you, did you feel safe and comfortable with the extra precautions, and the social distancing measures put into place?

We would truly value any other feedback you may have, whether it’s praise or constructive criticism (keeping in mind, of course, that we were extremely limited in what we could do this year). It has been our pride and pleasure to share our slice of heaven on earth with you, and we look forward to doing it again next year, even bigger and better.

Please enter any feedback using the reply form below. We greatly appreciate it!

Times Available Shortly!

This was our first year timing, so we appreciate your patience as we work out the kinks. Keep an eye out here for the ascent times on the website today as well as a more detailed RTH wrapup. Jerseys are available for purchase, just click on the register link to order. If you aren’t subscribed to updates for this blog, please consider doing so now in order to receive all the latest info and FAQs on this ride (and possible future rides) each year. We will only use subscriber emails for conveying information about Ride the Hurricane or any potential future cycling events.

Latest RTH Info

The Jersey design has been released and they’re ready to order! Click on the registration tab to check out the design for 2020 – a year none of us will probably ever forget.

If you haven’t signed your release of liability waiver, you MUST do it online prior to the ride. Visit the registration tab or the pinned blog post for a link to complete the waiver. Each individual has to have their own waiver completed, so if you signed up with someone else make sure you’ve all done one, and minors must be on an adult waiver.

We are not requiring masks during the ride, but anytime you’re off your bike and around others who aren’t in your group, please wear a mask. Help us demonstrate that we can have a safe and healthy event. We’re counting on you, the cyclists, to help make that happen. Use common sense etiquette. Don’t ride too close behind or beside someone who isn’t in your group. Grab your pre-packaged snacks from the aid station tables and spread out to enjoy the rest stop. Please do NOT crowd around the tables. If you’re waiting for a restroom, maintain 6 feet distance.

If you want your ascent timed officially and have it posted online, you must tell us in advance so we can enter your name into our timing system. There are no awards for the times, they’re just for bragging rights, and the list will be a simple list of names and times, not divided by age or gender. Also, if you choose to be timed please be patient and know that there’s a chance you’ll have a brief wait to depart the timing gate in order to allow proper distance. We’re trying it out this year to see if it makes a good addition to the ride, but remember, RTH is a ride, not a race, so enjoy yourself and go at your own pace. If you do want to be timed (on the ascent only) you need to let us know the by the day before the ride.

Advance pickup hours extended

Come by the Port Angeles Visitors center for advance pickup of your ride materials on Friday, 7/31 or Saturday, 8/1 between 9 am and 7 pm.

This will allow you to hop on your bike the day of the ride and head up the mountain with no need to wait around or check in. If you want to pick up for someone else just ask them shoot us an email giving permission.

Lots of new info for RTH!

PLEASE NOTE: Ride the Hurricane has a new check in location and start this year. It will not be at Peninsula College. Check in is at Port Angeles City Pier, from 6 am to 11:30 pm. There will not be check in available at Heart of the Hills so if you’re planning to start there you’ll need to check in at the city pier during your assigned check in window, and then drive up to HOH. Even better, pick up your ride materials on Friday or Saturday and go straight to your ride start on event day. If you’re checking in on the day of the ride, please come within the 30 minute window you selected when you registered. We encourage as many of you as possible to take advantage of early check in either tomorrow, (Friday, July 31) or Saturday, August 31st. We’ll be there from 9 am until 7 pm both days so that as many people as possible can check in early and just start the ride independently on Sunday without having to check in at all. You can start from the city pier, from the Heart of the Hills ranger station at the park entrance, or anywhere else along the way. Just be sure to put on your wristband, which you’ll receive in your registration packet when you check in.

If you can’t be here yourself to check in on Friday or Saturday but you know someone who can, please use the contact form to email permission for them to pick up your packet. Also, if you’re staying at a hotel in Port Angeles send us an email using the contact form and we might be able to drop off your packet at your hotel on Saturday. We encourage everyone to get their ride materials in advance to limit the number of people who will be at ride day registration.

We also have expanded parking options, with the bus transit lanes at the Gateway Center directly across from the Visitors Center now open for parking. Parking at the transit lanes and also at Heart of the Hills is first come, first serve. But remember, if you’ve checked in and already have your wristband you can park and start anywhere you’d like. Most people will start at either the city pier or the Heart of the Hills station, but there are plenty of other places to park along the route.

Please review all the information on this website thoroughly, and help us to make this a safe and healthy event. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate that we can have outdoor recreation events like this, and we need your help to do that.

Photo Courtesy of Julie Hoffman

FAQs for Ride the Hurricane

  • Phase 2 — We’ve made several modifications to the safety plan of the ride to allow us to proceed while still in phase two. We are counting on you, the participants, to follow all the guidelines and to prevent any gathering or crowding with people who are not in your household or group. Please do not linger at the aid station tables. Grab your snack or water and move away from the tables to enjoy it. Maintain 6 feet when waiting for toilets. We aren’t able to have an after ceremony, barbecue, or other celebration after the ride, so please do not gather at the finish line area. Believe us, this is just as disappointing for us as it is for you. Ascent times will not be available until later in the day, when they are posted on this website.
  • Where to go — If you’re unfamiliar with Downtown Port Angeles, click on this interactive 360 degree PORT ANGELES map. It will show you the Visitors Center where you can go for advance check in, right next door to city pier where the official route begins. You can swivel the map around and see Hurricane Ridge, your ultimate destination. If you’re beginning your ride at Heart of the Hills and you haven’t preregistered, you’ll need to grab your registration packet at the City Pier and drive up to your starting point.
  • Advance Check In — We’ve been getting a lot of questions about advance check in, so here’s how it works, 1) Come by the Port Angeles Visitors Center Friday, July 31st or Saturday, August 1st, between 9-4 pm to pick up your registration packet. 2) On the morning of the ride you can ignore your check in time, put on your wristband, hop on your bike, and start riding up to Hurricane Ridge. No need to check with anyone. Start anytime and anywhere you’d like along the route. Most cyclists will start at either Port Angeles City Pier or the Heart of the Hills Ranger Station.
  • Ride Time — The road to Hurricane Ridge will be closed to motor vehicles until noon, but it will be extremely busy with vehicles when it opens, so please try to get down the hill by then. Check the route link for distances and elevation gain to estimate your time. The ride takes anywhere from 2-4 hours depending upon conditioning and starting point.
  • Parking — will be available at both main starting points: Heart of the Hills park entrance and Port Angeles City Pier. If you’re staying at the Red Lion hotel, the advance check in location and official start to the route are right next door. There is plenty of free parking downtown and it will be widely available on a Sunday morning.
  • Masks — We will not be requiring masks while you ride, but please keep a mask on your person so you can don it if you need to speak with a volunteer or another cyclist not in your group. The Maska included in your registration packet works great for this.
  • Photos — A professional photographer will be available at the summit to take a photo with an elevation sign, which will be available for purchase. There are examples in the gallery.

Please use the comment form below to ask any additional questions so that we can post the answers here. If you have a question about something, chances are someone else is wondering too.

Photo courtesy of Karen McDonald