a ride like no other

Each year on the first Sunday in August, cyclists have the extraordinary opportunity to ride the iconic Hurricane Ridge road when it is closed to all motor vehicles. Starting at sea level from the Port Angeles City Pier, cyclists ascend through the Olympic National Park, past old growth fir, distant glaciers, and Alpine Meadows, to the stunning viewpoints of Hurricane Ridge.

For one special morning the road belongs only to the cyclists.

Photo by Tim W,

Photo by Heidi Austin

Photo by Karen McDonald

Photo below courtesy of Ron Eccles

a portion of each registration goes to:
peninsula trails coalition
washington national park fund
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Route Information

Photo Courtesy of Ruth Kuch

Ride The Hurricane is not a race, but a challenging, athletic climb through the gorgeous vistas of Hurricane Ridge Road in the Olympic National Park, absent of motorized vehicles. The road will be closed to motor traffic from 7 am to 12 pm, providing the unique opportunity to enjoy a summertime ride on a closed National Park road.

THE ROUTE | The route begins from the Port Angeles City Pier for a true Sea-level beginning, and ends at the Hurricane Ridge Visitors Center. Please time your departure from the pier in order to leave yourself plenty of time to make it up and back down off the ridge road by noon when it opens to motor vehicle traffic. For more information on the Ride the Hurricane Legacy Route, click here for a map of the route.

Photo below courtesy of Louis Carriere

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registration is open!

Ride the Hurricane | $60

Registration Details
Registration includes the ride itself, access to five aid stations along the route, and the After Party on the Pier. Aid stations will provide snacks, water, portable toilets, as well as first aid and emergency support services. The After Party will be catered by local favorite Little Devil’s Lunchbox, and will include local craft beer from Barhop Brewing.

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  • MAKE YOUR ROOM RESERVATIONS! We recommend making hotel reservations as soon as can if you think you may some for the ride. You can always cancel if you don’t come. Accommodations for that weekend sell out every year!
  • If you can’t ride, consider volunteering! Whether you’re a local or you’re accompanying someone here who is doing the ride, volunteering is a great way to be a very fun part of the event. Please use the contact form to let us know if you’d like to help out.
  • Ebikes are not permitted this year in adherence to our permit

the 2022 jersey

This year’s Sea to Summit Jersey is inspired by our unique, one-of-kind ride from the edge of Port Angeles Harbor to the summit of Hurricane Ridge. We wanted to capture the dramatic extremes of the route, from the saltwater’s edge up into the sweeping Mountains of the Olympic National Park.

Jerseys can be purchased during the registration process, or purchased separately using the link below.

This jersey is the Primal Sport Cut

Ride the Hurricane is a challenging hill climb, and we recommend that only skilled and trained cyclists with experience at this level of performance attempt the ride.

PLEASE NOTE: This event is not appropriate for Ebikes. Our permit to close the road does not allow motorized vehicles during the time of the ride. The increase in incidents and safety concerns that have occurred over the past three years as a result of mixing different kinds of vehicles (and their operators) on a ride that is designed for non-motorized bikes and skilled, experienced cyclists requires us to adhere to the strict parameters of the permit. Ride the Hurricane is categorized as a Hill Climb, which for over a decade has provided cyclists with the unique opportunity to focus on the athletic feat of conquering the mountain without having to share the road with faster, more powerful vehicles. This ride is not just a one-day event, but rather an athletic challenge for which participants train for weeks and even months to accomplish. For many it’s the hardest thing they’ve ever done. There are many rides on the North Olympic Peninsula, both organized and not, that are appropriate for Ebikes. We would be happy to recommend a list of these rides and events. Please use the contact form to send us an email requesting that information.

This event gives cyclists the opportunity to dig deep and find the strength and stamina to power their way up to the summit of Hurricane ridge. The reward for achieving this amazing goal is not only the unparalleled views at the top, but also the pride of achieving this remarkable athletic accomplishment.

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Photo below photo courtesy of Richard Schneider

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Our cyclists depend on our volunteers, and this is one of the most fun volunteer gigs you’ll ever do. Help support the cyclists before, during, and after the ride. And you’ll get to attend the After Party at City Pier!

Help support the riders from start to finish. Help check them in, staff an aid station, cheer for them as they reach the summit, and much more. Come join the team!

Pictures Courtesy of: 1) Mike Moreland 2) Richard Schneider 3) Vollum 4) Cherese Timmer 5) Leslie Robertson 6) Jen Peterson

Photo below by Alex Juan

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a very special ride

These are pictures that our participants have submitted of past rides. To view and purchase professional photos, or for jersey purchases, please visit the After the Ride page!

Photo Courtesy of Dave Toman (Prototype by Toussaint)
Video by Alex Juan

Photos courtesy of: 1) Julie Hoffman 2) Jeff Scooler 3) Jen Petersen 4) Carl Ringler 5) Dave Logan 6) Ron Eccles 7) Jan Snow 8) Cherese Timmer

Photo below courtesy of Ron Eccles