Registration info coming soon!

We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries for Ride the Hurricane this year. The race is always on the first Sunday in August, so you can mark your calendars as far forward as you want. We are excited to see the return of so many new cyclists who joined us last year, and of course our Canadian friends from across the Straits, who were very much missed at the 2020 ride. If you haven’t yet, please scroll to the bottom of the Home page and subscribe. That’s the best way to get the latest updates and news about Ride the Hurricane.

2 thoughts on “Registration info coming soon!

  1. This will be my 5th Ride the Hurricane event…… always a good time! This year my wife would like to do the event. She has health limitations that would necessitate an e bike. My question is, why would this be a safety concern?


    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for asking this question, as it gives us a chance to explain why we do not recommend e bikes. First and foremost, our permit with the National Park is for an event where the road is closed to motorized vehicles. One of the most important aspects of this ride is the opportunity for cyclists to have the road to themselves without the inherent dangers involved in sharing it with faster and more powerful vehicles. Additionally, the steep and challenging nature of this ride makes it best-suited for cyclists who have the training and experience necessary to make it to the top. Unfortunately, in recent years we’ve had a greatly increased number of incidents and close calls as a result of the disparity between e bikes and those powered solely by humans.


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